Online marketing campaign

Hi All, In an effort to increase my online presence for my various websites, I have decided to do some SEO work. I am not a great fan of doing this type of work, however, I do totally understand the importance of doing it. Especially when one owns a couple of businesses as I do. ...

Total Telco Group

Total Telco Group is my new Telco provider in Australia. TotalTelco will provide Telco, web development, Online marketing, mobile phones, IT hardware and IT and Telco consulting service here in Australia. The website is here The new website is online!

New Website – MORTEL

I have just launched my new Telco provider –

New Website – Business Bootup

Business Bootup is a Business Startup Consultancy. The URL is Business Bootup provides the following services:- business registration company registration professional services website development search engine optimisation and IT Consultancy as well as solutions consulting services

Airwheel Australia – New Stock and future Updates

Have been really busy with Airwheel Australia . With the success of the Airwheels here in Australia, and in keeping with my desire to explore greener and more eco friendly methods of transportation, we will be introducing a line of further products to Air-wheel Australia. Without saying too much, the new line of products ...

Link to friend’s website

For all your Regulatory needs.

We want your Airwheel videos at Airwheel Australia

We want your Airwheel videos at Airwheel Australia. We want to setup a video page at our site at and want great footage of people riding their genuine Airwheels. You can be a pro, or learning, we aren’t fussy. For more information, head on over to our blog here

Airwheel Australia now has a blog!

Airwheel Australia now has a blog to show all the latest Airwheel in Australia and Airwheel Australia news! Wow, Airwheel Australia is a great success. Already got our first orders and the interest in Self Powers Electric Unicycles seems to be huge here in Australia. I think in general, self or solo transportation is becoming ...

Airwheel Australia

Airwheel in Australia…. Awesome, check this out… We’ll be importing the Airwheel into Australia. This is like the solowheel and IPS. They are all different, however, I like the quality, feel, performance and price of the Airwheel. AirWheel Australia will initially be selling these online, however, hope to secure the interest in many ...

Rework Calculations, due to heavier than expected payload

Ok, the kids and I managed to weigh the whole payload tonight. It came out at 1300g (heavier than first estimated, I think I forgot batteries in the initial estimates or something). I will add a further 200g to this weight for things like weight of the parachute, incidentals, etc… New calculations are… Thanks to ...